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 the-division.headliner.org : automatically the latest news
13-01-21 (19:07)   Ubisoft Massive Working on an Open-World Star Wars Game Using The Division 2's Snowdrop Engine (PlayStation LifeStyle)
13-01-21 (17:45)   Razer's new face mask looks like it's straight out of The Division (PCGamesN.com)
13-01-21 (17:11)   Ubisoft's The Division studio is working on an open-world Star Wars game - CNET (C-Net News.com)
13-01-21 (15:20)   Lucasfilm announces open-world Star Wars game from Ubisoft's The Division studio (Eurogamer.net)
13-01-21 (14:55)   New Open-World Star Wars Game Coming From Ubisoft's The Division 2 Dev (GameSpot)
13-01-21 (14:55)   New Star Wars game coming from Ubisoft's The Division studio (Polygon)
08-12-20 (09:23)   The Division 2 video game to get 4K 60 FPS support on Xbox Series X and S consoles in 2021 (On MSFT)
07-12-20 (19:10)   The Division 2 Update 12 Goes Live Tuesday, Patch Notes Here (GameSpot)
03-12-20 (23:41)   The Division 2's 'Codename Nightmare' event is canceled (Polygon)
03-12-20 (21:14)   The Division 2's next manhunt target is your old boss, Faye Lau (PCGamesN.com)
03-12-20 (19:29)   Recently Teased Division 2 Mode Won't Happen After All, 'A Casualty Of A Tough Year." (Kotaku)
03-12-20 (13:06)   The Division 2 Enhancement Update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Arrives in 2021 (DualShockers)
03-12-20 (12:30)   The Division 2 is Getting a 4K/60 FPS Update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S (GamingBolt)
02-12-20 (19:55)   The Division 2 Season 4 And Title Update 12 Go Live Next Week (GameSpot)
27-11-20 (22:55)   The Division 2 Update 12 Now Live On PC PTS, Full Patch Notes Detailed (GameSpot)
25-11-20 (14:06)   Morning Report: Dustin Poirier makes case for title fight: If Khabib really is retired, 'the division has to move on' (MMA Fighting)
03-11-20 (21:41)   New The Division 2 Update Has Rolled Out For All Platforms (GameSpot)
30-10-20 (11:15)   Borderlands 3 - Arms Race Takes Cues from The Division's Survival, Out November 10th (GamingBolt)
27-10-20 (23:10)   The Division 2 Update Ends The Last Resort Event, Full Patch Notes Outlined (GameSpot)
23-10-20 (19:43)   The Division 2's Summit Mode Is Now Easier To Actually Finish (Kotaku)
19-10-20 (18:24)   The Division 2 Patch Notes Revamp The Summit, Adjust Time-To-Kill (GameSpot)
09-10-20 (16:20)   UFC bantamweights: How Saturday can shift the landscape of the division? (ESPN.com)
29-09-20 (16:27)   Xbox Deals with Gold feature The Division, Watch Dogs, and more (Neowin.net)
24-09-20 (20:43)   The Division 2's Newest Mode Is All Action And I'm Into It (Kotaku)
24-09-20 (17:09)   The Division 2, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and Bomber Crew are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend (On MSFT)
21-09-20 (23:59)   Here's the release time for The Division 2's new season (PCGamesN.com)
11-09-20 (20:24)   Climb The Division 2's 100-Story Skyscraper When The Summit Update Launches on September 22nd (PlayStation LifeStyle)
11-09-20 (19:11)   The Division 2 Is Next-Gen Compatible, Includes Cross-Gen Multiplayer (Screen Rant)
11-09-20 (15:38)   The Division 2 Will Be Playable on Next-Gen Consoles via Backward Compatibility (PlayStation LifeStyle)
11-09-20 (12:15)   The Division 2 Will be Backwards Compatible on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 (GamingBolt)
10-09-20 (23:49)   The Division 2's Summit is a 100-storey skyscraper from hell (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
10-09-20 (23:06)   The Division 2 Will Be Backwards Compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X (DualShockers)
10-09-20 (21:10)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Gets New The Summit Mode (GameSpot)
05-09-20 (00:07)   The Division 2's New Endgame PvE Mode to Introduce 100-Floor Skyscraper Challenge (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-09-20 (14:01)   The Division 2 To Get New Endgame PvE Mode With "The Summit" (GamingBolt)
04-09-20 (00:34)   The Division 2 Gets A New Endgame PVE Mode (GameInformer.com)
03-09-20 (18:58)   'The Division 2' players can soon fight their way up a 100-floor building (Engadget)
03-09-20 (14:01)   The Division Is Free On PC Until September 7 (GamingBolt)
03-09-20 (12:45)   The Division 2's next PvE mode sends you up a 100-story skyscraper (PCGamesN.com)
03-09-20 (12:20)   The Division 2 adding 100-floor tower block endgame activity (Eurogamer.net)
03-09-20 (05:00)   The Division 2 Is Getting A 100-Story Skyscraper Mode (Kotaku)
03-09-20 (00:06)   Ubisoft's original The Division is currently free to download and keep on PC (Eurogamer.net)
02-09-20 (22:59)   Don't Miss: Bringing Washington D.C. to life - The AI of The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
02-09-20 (20:49)   The Division is free for keeps on Uplay this week (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
02-09-20 (20:28)   The Division is free on Uplay this week (PCGamesN.com)
02-09-20 (19:41)   The Division 2 September 1 Update Adds Season 2 Level Skips, Full Patch Notes Revealed (GameSpot)
01-09-20 (20:57)   The Division is free until Sept. 7 for Ubisoft Uplay members - CNET (C-Net News.com)
01-09-20 (19:55)   The Division Is Free To Own Right Now On PC (GameSpot)
01-09-20 (14:27)   Ubisoft is giving away The Division on Uplay for a week (Neowin.net)
31-08-20 (10:10)   Games with Gold: The Division and de Blob 2 are now free (Neowin.net)
29-08-20 (19:06)   Hot Tweets: Frankie Edgar's bantamweight debut and his future in the division (MMA Fighting)
29-08-20 (04:43)   Sorry 'Lionheart,' Rakic Is The 'Most Explosive Guy In The Division' (MMA Mania)
27-08-20 (18:41)   Xbox Games with Gold for September 2020 feature The Division and de Blob 2 (Neowin.net)
27-08-20 (18:09)   Tom Clancy's The Division highlights new Games with Gold for September (On MSFT)
27-08-20 (17:41)   Xbox Games With Gold free games for September include The Division, de Blob 2 (Polygon)
27-08-20 (17:29)   The Division Headlines September's Xbox Live Games With Gold (Kotaku)
19-08-20 (21:10)   The Division 2 Update 11 Introduces Gear Appearance Customization (GameSpot)
18-08-20 (15:55)   The Division 2 Patch Notes For August 18 Update (GameSpot)
17-08-20 (22:41)   The Division 2 Server Maintenance Starts Tomorrow, Update Fixes Clan XP Issues (GameSpot)
10-08-20 (18:10)   The Division 2 Maintenance Scheduled, Patch Notes For Tuesday Outlined (GameSpot)
21-07-20 (00:06)   Sean O'Malley: I'm 'clearly' in Petr Yan's head as 'the most talked about guy in the division' (MMA Fighting)
10-07-20 (13:49)   Get up to 75% off Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, The Division and more in the Ubisoft Forward sale (Eurogamer.net)
08-07-20 (20:55)   The Division 2 Update 10.1 Coming Later This Month (GameSpot)
07-07-20 (16:10)   The Division 2: Iron Horse Raid Now Live For Non-Expansion Players (GameSpot)
07-07-20 (11:01)   The Division 2 - Level 30 Version of Operation Iron Horse is Out Today (GamingBolt)
07-07-20 (03:55)   The Division 2: Here's When Players Without The Expansion Can Play The Iron Horse Raid (GameSpot)
06-07-20 (21:44)   Ubisoft Forward Line-up Includes Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin's Creed Valhalla (GamingBolt)
02-07-20 (00:43)   Race To Clear The Division 2's New Raid Marred By Cheating Accusations (Kotaku)
23-06-20 (23:59)   Season 2 of The Division 2's Warlords of New York has begun (PCGamesN.com)
23-06-20 (18:41)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Season 2 Is Live (GameSpot)
17-06-20 (14:01)   The Division 2 Trailer Teases Operation Iron Horse Raid (GamingBolt)
16-06-20 (18:10)   The Division 2's New Iron Horse Raid Launches Later This Month (GameSpot)
15-06-20 (20:14)   The Division 2's next season brings new exotics, a new manhunt, and tons of rebalancing (PCGamesN.com)
15-06-20 (15:44)   The Division 2 - Title Update 10 Out Tomorrow, Next Raid Releases on June 30th (GamingBolt)
11-06-20 (07:12)   The Division 2 title update coming next week ahead of Warlords of New York season 2 (GamesRadar)
10-06-20 (23:53)   Division 2 Update 10 Coming Next Week Ahead of Season 2, Continues Warlords of New York Story (PlayStation LifeStyle)
10-06-20 (18:28)   The Division 2's next Warlords of New York update promises to fix the stingy loot situation (PCGamesN.com)
10-06-20 (17:28)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Season 2 arrives June 23 - here's what's coming (PCGamesN.com)
08-06-20 (17:44)   10 Best Incidental Animations in Games You Need To Check Out (GamingBolt)
05-06-20 (05:26)   The Division That Should Not Be (MMA Mania)
01-06-20 (19:41)   The Division 2 Maintenance Scheduled For Tuesday, Patch Notes Here (GameSpot)
29-05-20 (15:41)   The Division 2: Title Update 10 Phase 2 Is Up Now On The PTS (GameSpot)
29-05-20 (01:24)   The Division 2 Big Story Leak Confirmed By Ubisoft (GameSpot)
28-05-20 (19:41)   The Division 2 Patch Notes: Here Are All The Changes (GameSpot)
28-05-20 (18:24)   The Division 2 Big Story Leak Gets Confirmed By Ubisoft (GameSpot)
26-05-20 (21:25)   The Division 2 dataminer digs out upcoming story details and a new game mode (PC Gamer)
26-05-20 (20:14)   The Division 2 devs confirm plans for more replayable PvE after Underground-like mode leaks (PCGamesN.com)
26-05-20 (16:55)   The Division 2 Patch Notes For New Update (GameSpot)
25-05-20 (19:24)   The Division 2 Maintenance Scheduled For Tuesday, Check Out The Patch Notes (GameSpot)
25-05-20 (09:44)   The Division 2 Title Update 10 PTS Now Live, Offers Weapon Buffs and Better Rewards (GamingBolt)
25-05-20 (06:24)   The Division 2: Title Update 10 Is Up Now On The PTS For PC Players (GameSpot)
24-05-20 (19:29)   Fan Discovers Division 2 Audio Files That May Spoil Months Of Upcoming Storylines (Kotaku)
22-05-20 (13:14)   The Division 2 Title Update 10 PTS patch notes - new exotics, gear sets, talents, weapon changes, more (PCGamesN.com)
21-05-20 (21:30)   The Division 2 - Have Constant Overhauls Crippled the Franchise? (GamingBolt)
19-05-20 (21:45)   Video: How Ubisoft handled NPC voice design for The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
15-05-20 (14:44)   The Division 2 Console Cross-Play Unlikely To Happen Any Time Soon (GamingBolt)
14-05-20 (09:01)   The Division - Title Update 9.1 Goes Live Today, Enemy Nerfs Revealed (GamingBolt)
13-05-20 (21:59)   The Division 2 update 9.1 notes - NPC weapon, ability, accuracy nerfs, player buffs (PCGamesN.com)
13-05-20 (19:55)   The Division 2 Update 9.1 Patch Notes Revealed (GameSpot)
11-05-20 (18:24)   The Division 2 Title Update 9.1 Delayed For Additional Testing (GameSpot)
08-05-20 (23:36)   Dana White to UFC champ Stipe Miocic: 'The division has to move on' if you can't fight (MMAjunkie.com)
05-05-20 (12:30)   The Division 2 Maintenance Fixes Kajika Exploit, Adds More Warhound Convoy Spawn Points (GamingBolt)
04-05-20 (19:55)   The Division 2 Update Coming Tuesday, Full Patch Notes Here (GameSpot)
01-05-20 (23:14)   Assassin's Creed Valhalla was revealed in The Division 2 - but it was a "complete coincidence" (PCGamesN.com)
01-05-20 (17:44)   Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Supposed Tease In The Division 2 Was "A Complete Coincidence" (GamingBolt)
29-04-20 (21:45)   Video: Optimizing game server performance for The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
24-04-20 (19:43)   The Doctor, The Disease, And The Division (Kotaku)
23-04-20 (19:32)   The Division 2's new trial offers eight free hours and Rainbow Six: Siege goodies (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
23-04-20 (12:28)   Play The Division 2 free trial, earn some Rainbow Six Siege goodies (PCGamesN.com)
23-04-20 (07:44)   The Division 2 - Free Trial Now Available on Uplay, Epic Games Store (GamingBolt)
23-04-20 (02:08)   The Division 2 demo lets you play for free for up to eight hours (PC Gamer)
22-04-20 (22:24)   Rainbow Six Siege, The Division 2, And More Get Big Price Drops In Limited-Time Sale (GameSpot)
21-04-20 (22:58)   The Division 2 free trial lets you earn rewards for Rainbow Six Siege too (GamesRadar)
21-04-20 (21:24)   The Division 2 Free Trial Starts Today, Cosmetic Rewards for Rainbow Six: Siege Players (PlayStation LifeStyle)
21-04-20 (18:10)   The Division 2 Gets A Free Trial, Rainbow Six Siege Crossover Rewards (GameSpot)
21-04-20 (07:01)   The Division 2 - Title Update 9 Nerfs True Patriot, Buffs Exotics (GamingBolt)
20-04-20 (20:41)   The Division 2 Title Update 9 Patch Notes Revealed (GameSpot)
20-04-20 (20:28)   The Division 2 update 9 patch notes - Exotic reconfiguration, weapon reworks, and more (PCGamesN.com)
09-04-20 (19:54)   Boy, I Picked the Worst Time to Start Playing The Division 2 (Gizmodo)
09-04-20 (17:01)   The Division 2 Interview - What's Next After New York? (GamingBolt)
09-04-20 (00:07)   The Division 2 Update 8.5 Brings the Thunder and Major Bug Fixes (PlayStation LifeStyle)
08-04-20 (23:41)   The Division 2 Northeast League Event Now Live (GameSpot)
07-04-20 (21:10)   The Division 2 Title Update 8.5 Patch Notes Show Buffs To Skills, NPCs (GameSpot)
07-04-20 (19:44)   The Division 2 Developers Have No Plans for a Switch Port "At the Moment" (GamingBolt)
07-04-20 (09:30)   The Division 2 - Title Update 8.5 Goes Live Today, Patch Notes Revealed (GamingBolt)
06-04-20 (17:15)   The Division 2 Developers Are Working On Many Fixes That Are "Directly Based On Player Feedback" (GamingBolt)
04-04-20 (02:12)   Santos Talks LHW Title Picture: 'I Don't Think The Division Needs To Wait' (MMA Mania)
03-04-20 (18:20)   Thiago Santos wants to face Dominick Reyes for UFC interim title belt: 'I don't think the division needs to wait' (MMA Fighting)
03-04-20 (17:24)   The Division 2 on Xbox One is $2.99 on Amazon right now (Polygon)
02-04-20 (12:59)   The Division 2 update 8.5 notes - NPC nerfs, Exotics and Talent buffs (PCGamesN.com)
02-04-20 (00:14)   The Division 2's First Season Is Pretty Good, So Far (Kotaku)
01-04-20 (20:10)   The Division 2 Urban Jungle Apparel Event Is Now Live On PS4, Xbox One, and PC (GameSpot)
31-03-20 (21:41)   The Division 2 Releases A New Rogue Agent For Warlords Of New York Season One (GameSpot)
30-03-20 (19:06)   The Division is Eerily Similar to the Real Life New York City During Coronavirus (DualShockers)
25-03-20 (20:55)   The Division 2 "Polarity Switch" Event Now Live (GameSpot)
25-03-20 (13:59)   Big The Division 2 update overhauls difficulty and Seasonal Manhunts - check out the patch notes (PCGamesN.com)
24-03-20 (17:41)   The Division 2 Update Coming Wednesday, Check Out The Patch Notes Here (GameSpot)
24-03-20 (00:24)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Review - Small Bite From the Big Apple (PS4) (PlayStation LifeStyle)
20-03-20 (11:56)   Ubisoft Spring Sale Offering Huge Discounts on Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Tom Clancy's the Division 2, More (Gadgets 360)
19-03-20 (19:14)   Division 2 Players Are Struggling To Find 2 Well-Hidden Enemies (Kotaku)
19-03-20 (01:36)   Despite debut loss, Ilir Latifi content at heavyweight: 'I'm coming for the biggest guys in the division' (MMAjunkie.com)
16-03-20 (19:55)   The Division 2 Update Targets Warlords Of New York Bugs, Check Out The Patch Notes Here (GameSpot)
16-03-20 (03:41)   Ubisoft Talks Streaming As The Division 2 Comes To Stadia (GameSpot)
13-03-20 (18:39)   Ubisoft's spring sale gives discounts to The Division 2: Warlords of New York, Rainbow Six Siege and more (PC Gamer)
13-03-20 (11:15)   UK Monthly Report: GTA V reigns again as The Division 2 bounces back in February (GamesIndusty.biz)
13-03-20 (04:01)   The Division 2 Comes To Stadia March 17th And Will Include Crossplay With PC (GamingBolt)
11-03-20 (17:30)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Guide - How To Hit Level 40 and Earn SHD Levels (GamingBolt)
10-03-20 (19:10)   The Division 2's First Warlords Of New York Season Is Now Live (GameSpot)
10-03-20 (17:15)   The Division 2 - Season One "Shadow Tide" Detailed in New Trailer (GamingBolt)
10-03-20 (15:15)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Guide - How To Get Lady Death, Tactical Response Outfit and Enforcer Shotgun (GamingBolt)
09-03-20 (20:55)   The Division 2 Is Going Down For Maintenance Ahead Of Season 1 Update (GameSpot)
09-03-20 (03:41)   You Can Finally Pet The Dog In The Division 2 (GameSpot)
08-03-20 (16:43)   Tips For Playing The Division 2 [Updated] (Kotaku)
07-03-20 (15:15)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Review - Homecoming (GamingBolt)
07-03-20 (02:24)   Everything New in The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion (GameSpot)
06-03-20 (22:41)   The Division 2's Warlords of New York: Is it worth going back to hunt Aaron Keener? (Polygon)
06-03-20 (20:37)   The Division 2 Was February's Top Downloaded Game on PS4 as Dreams Debuted in Fifth (DualShockers)
06-03-20 (20:14)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
06-03-20 (19:53)   Dreams Was Among February 2020's Most Downloaded Games, The Division 2 Topped the Charts (PlayStation LifeStyle)
06-03-20 (16:24)   You can pet the dog in The Division 2's first expansion, Warlords of New York (Polygon)
05-03-20 (23:55)   The Division 2 Update Coming Tomorrow, Patch Notes Revealed (GameSpot)
05-03-20 (19:08)   Where to find the Division 2 Judge Key (PC Gamer)
05-03-20 (15:28)   Blog: The secret AI testers inside The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
04-03-20 (22:41)   The Division 2 - Official Cinematic Warlords of New York Launch Trailer (GameSpot)
04-03-20 (20:41)   'The Division 2' hits Stadia with PC cross-play on March 17th (Engadget)
04-03-20 (18:39)   The Division 2 will launch on Stadia with PC crossplay support (PC Gamer)
04-03-20 (17:45)   The Division 2 arrives on Stadia this month - with PC cross-play and progression (PCGamesN.com)
04-03-20 (16:43)   The Division 2 Stadia port coming this month with PC cross-play and cross-save support (GamesRadar)
04-03-20 (13:30)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Coming to Stadia on March 17th (GamingBolt)
04-03-20 (08:59)   Bringing Washington D.C. to life: The AI of The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
04-03-20 (00:30)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York is Now Available (GamingBolt)
03-03-20 (22:14)   The Division 2 is headed to Stadia this month with PC cross-play (Gamasutra)
03-03-20 (20:34)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York - New Gameplay Today Live (GameInformer.com)
03-03-20 (19:35)   The Division 2 heading to Stadia later this month with PC cross-play (Eurogamer.net)
03-03-20 (19:14)   The Division 2 update nerfs high-level gear into the ground (PCGamesN.com)
03-03-20 (16:52)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Trailer Shows Action in Lower Manhattan (DualShockers)
03-03-20 (16:03)   The Division 2's Warlords Of New York expansion is out, and now fixed (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
03-03-20 (01:55)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Expansion Is Now Live - GS News Update (GameSpot)
03-03-20 (01:24)   The Division 2 Patch Notes Are Here For The New Warlords Expansion (GameSpot)
03-03-20 (01:24)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Expansion Has Arrived Early, Go Get It Now (GameSpot)
03-03-20 (00:08)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York launches a day early, brings along bugs (PC Gamer)
02-03-20 (23:58)   The Division 2's Warlords of New York update is live ahead of schedule (GamesRadar)
02-03-20 (21:38)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Expansion is Live One Day Early, Play it Now (PlayStation LifeStyle)
02-03-20 (21:24)   The Division 2 Patch Notes Arrive With New York Expansion (GameSpot)
02-03-20 (20:41)   Last Chance To Snag The Division 2 For $3 Before Warlords Of New York Arrives (GameSpot)
02-03-20 (20:10)   The Division 2 "Warlords of New York" Expansion Is Out Early (GameSpot)
02-03-20 (19:48)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion Is Out A Day Early (GameInformer.com)
02-03-20 (19:43)   The Division 2's Warlords of New York Expansion Is Live Now (Kotaku)
02-03-20 (17:49)   The Division 2 PC performance: Get your PC Warlords of New York ready (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
02-03-20 (17:14)   Today is your last chance to grab a digital download of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 for $3. (Kotaku)
02-03-20 (16:41)   Last Chance To Grab The Division 2 For $3 Before Warlords Of New York Arrives (GameSpot)
02-03-20 (15:59)   Blog: Designing the enemy AI of The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
01-03-20 (15:20)   UFC flyweight title mess may be the division's poetically heartbreaking end (MMA Fighting)
28-02-20 (20:14)   The Division 2 gets a free weekend, and goes dirt-cheap besides (PCGamesN.com)
27-02-20 (18:39)   Nvidia's latest GPU driver gets your PC ready for The Division 2: Warlords of New York (PC Gamer)
27-02-20 (18:10)   Nvidia's 442.50 WHQL driver optimizes Apex Legends, ARK, and The Division 2 expansions (Neowin.net)
27-02-20 (16:49)   Get The Division 2 for 2.50 on PC (Eurogamer.net)
27-02-20 (16:43)   The Division 2 is free to play through this Sunday (GamesRadar)
27-02-20 (16:40)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is free to play on Xbox One and PC this weekend (On MSFT)
26-02-20 (21:41)   Grab The Division 2's Lavish Dark Zone Collector's Edition For Just $10 (GameSpot)
26-02-20 (13:08)   The Division 2 is free to play this weekend (PC Gamer)
26-02-20 (10:15)   The Division 2 is Free to Play From Tomorrow to March 1st (GamingBolt)
26-02-20 (01:55)   The Division 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend--Test It Ahead Of The Upcoming Expansion (GameSpot)
25-02-20 (23:07)   Play The Division 2 Free This Weekend Before Warlords of New York Launches Next Week (PlayStation LifeStyle)
25-02-20 (19:44)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Animated Trailer Sees Keener Recruiting (GamingBolt)
25-02-20 (18:55)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York - Cinematic Animated Short Trailer (GameSpot)
24-02-20 (11:30)   The Division 2 - Kenly College Returns Tomorrow (GamingBolt)
23-02-20 (22:54)   The Division 2 returns to Kenly College, still on sale for $3 (PC Gamer)
23-02-20 (17:28)   The Division 2's Kenly College opens back up this week (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-20 (18:44)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York and the Issues With Seasonal Looter Shooters (GamingBolt)
14-02-20 (09:23)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition is now live on Microsoft's Xbox One consoles (On MSFT)
13-02-20 (23:41)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Pre-Order: Release Date, Bonuses, And Special Editions (GameSpot)
13-02-20 (20:35)   The Division 2 - Warlords of New York Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
13-02-20 (18:41)   The Division 2 Won't Have Xbox Series X, PS5 Ports (GameSpot)
13-02-20 (17:41)   The Division's final boss has ghosted me for four years (Polygon)
13-02-20 (17:01)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York - SHD System, Legendary Difficulty, and More (GamingBolt)
13-02-20 (14:38)   Yes, The Division Studio is Still Hard at Work on Ubisoft's Avatar Game (PlayStation LifeStyle)
12-02-20 (19:34)   Back To The Big Apple With The Division 2: Warlords Of New York (GameInformer.com)
12-02-20 (18:24)   Xbox One's Fantastic Lineup Of Deals This Week: The Division 2 For $3 And More (GameSpot)
12-02-20 (17:55)   The Division 2 Episode 3 Now Available For Some Players (GameSpot)
12-02-20 (16:53)   Do Not Anticipate Any Next-Gen Ports for The Division 2 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
12-02-20 (15:44)   The Division 2 Not Planned For Any New Platforms, Says Developer (GamingBolt)
12-02-20 (15:01)   The Division 2 Is Available For Just $2.99 (GamingBolt)
12-02-20 (13:03)   The Division 2 is returning to the Big Apple in the Warlords Of New York expansion next month (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
12-02-20 (04:44)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Features 1:1 Recreation of Lower Manhattan (GamingBolt)
12-02-20 (03:41)   The Division 2's New York Update Lets New Players Start The Next Campaign Right Away (GameSpot)
12-02-20 (03:41)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York -- Everything We Know About The Update (GameSpot)
12-02-20 (01:15)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Details - Increased Level Cap, Infinite Progression, Seasons, and More (GamingBolt)
11-02-20 (23:24)   The Division 2's New York Update Will Be Open To New Players And Veterans (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (23:10)   How The Division 2's New York Update Changes Gear And Loot (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (22:55)   The Division 2's Major New York Update Is Just What The Game Needs (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (22:35)   The Division 2's Warlords of New York paid expansion liberating Manhattan in March (Eurogamer.net)
11-02-20 (22:14)   Ubisoft Reveals A Surprise Division 2 Expansion 'Warlords of New York' That Is Designed To Revive The Game (Kotaku)
11-02-20 (21:41)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York -- Here's Everything You Need To Know (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (20:53)   Going Back to Manhattan with The Division 2 Warlords of New York - Hands-On Preview (PlayStation LifeStyle)
11-02-20 (20:45)   The Division 2 gets battle passes, and will keep its loot boxes (PCGamesN.com)
11-02-20 (20:45)   The Division 2 kicks off year 2 with a paid, "narrative-driven" expansion: Warlords of New York (PCGamesN.com)
11-02-20 (20:45)   The Division 2 gets an "RPG overhaul" (PCGamesN.com)
11-02-20 (20:44)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Out on March 3rd, First Gameplay Revealed (GamingBolt)
11-02-20 (20:43)   Why Warlords of New York is the perfect time to play The Division 2 again (GamesRadar)
11-02-20 (20:41)   15 Minutes Of The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Gameplay (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (20:41)   The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Release Date & Level Cap Announced - GS News Update (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (20:41)   The Division 2 Returns To New York With The Next Major Expansion And A Gear Overhaul (GameSpot)
11-02-20 (20:39)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York expansion will tie up loose ends from the first game (PC Gamer)
11-02-20 (20:38)   The Division 2 Warlords of New York Takes Players Back to the Big Apple to Hunt Aaron Keener, Major RPG Overhaul (PlayStation LifeStyle)
11-02-20 (20:37)   The Division 2 Expansion's Map is a 1:1 Recreation of Lower Manhattan (DualShockers)
11-02-20 (20:37)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Is a Slight But Welcome Deviation from the Original Game (DualShockers)
11-02-20 (20:37)   The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion Releases Next Month (DualShockers)
11-02-20 (20:10)   The Division 2's new expansion will rev up the story, revamp gameplay (Polygon)
11-02-20 (20:07)   The Division 2 Is Nearly Free on the PS Store Right Now, Get it For the Price of a Coffee (PlayStation LifeStyle)
11-02-20 (19:23)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is up to 95% off as part of this week's Xbox sales (On MSFT)
11-02-20 (09:44)   The Division 2 - Expansion Leak Details Return to New York (GamingBolt)
11-02-20 (00:59)   The Division 2 reveal teaser hints at a return to New York City proper (PCGamesN.com)
10-02-20 (19:15)   The Division 2 - Upcoming Livestream Will Showcase Episode 3 DLC (GamingBolt)
10-02-20 (18:55)   GameStop Is Practically Giving Away The Division 2 In Its Latest Sale (GameSpot)
09-02-20 (16:36)   Dana White after UFC 247: 'Dominick Reyes ... looked like the future of the division' (MMAjunkie.com)
02-02-20 (16:49)   The Division 2 is bringing the heat to New York City later this month (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
02-02-20 (15:14)   The Division 2 heads to New York's Coney Island this month (PCGamesN.com)
30-01-20 (19:07)   Kamaru Usman expects to see Colby Covington again: 'It's clear we're the best two guys in the division' (MMAjunkie.com)
29-01-20 (05:08)   The Division 2 takes a trip to Coney Island next month (PC Gamer)
29-01-20 (03:41)   The Division 2's Third Episode Takes Players To Coney Island--Check Out The Trailer (GameSpot)
28-01-20 (19:44)   The Division 2 - Episode 3 DLC Trailer Potentially Teases Aaron Keener (GamingBolt)
28-01-20 (18:41)   The Division 2 is heading to Coney Island (Polygon)
22-01-20 (20:55)   Flash Deal: The Division 2 For $9 (And More PC Games For Cheap) (GameSpot)
22-01-20 (01:44)   Limited Time Deal Cuts Up to 85% Off The Division 2 (Hardcore Gamer)
21-01-20 (13:08)   The Division 2 is 85% off, along with its DLC and special editions (PC Gamer)
18-01-20 (02:06)   Ubisoft is Restructuring Its Editorial Team to Change the Creative Direction of Its Future Games (DualShockers)
16-01-20 (19:09)   Tom Clancy's The Division, four more games to leave Xbox Game Pass soon (On MSFT)
09-01-20 (15:15)   The Division 2 - Episode 3 DLC Set for February (GamingBolt)
09-01-20 (14:38)   Visit Coney Island When The Division 2's Episode 3 Content Drops in February (PlayStation LifeStyle)
29-12-19 (11:58)   Cheaper than Black Friday: Get Tom Clancy's The Division 2 for under 10 on PS4 and Xbox One (GamesRadar)
22-12-19 (15:36)   Joey Davis after Bellator 235 win: 'My skillset is the best in the division' (MMAjunkie.com)
20-12-19 (00:44)   Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Offers Up Tremendous Deals, Freebies (Hardcore Gamer)
17-12-19 (22:21)   Derrick Lewis surprised Ilir Latifi moved up, wanted to fight 'biggest guy in the division' (MMAjunkie.com)
15-12-19 (18:24)   The Division 2's snowball gun wreaks havoc with the ol' hidden-rock trick (Polygon)
11-12-19 (21:43)   It's Easy To Get The Division 2's New Snowball Gun (Kotaku)
11-12-19 (18:24)   The Division 2 Gets Snowballs, Santa Hats, and a Hardcore Mode Beta in Holiday Update 6.1 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
10-12-19 (16:41)   The Division 2 Server Maintenance Extended; 6.1 Update Patch Notes Released (GameSpot)
10-12-19 (00:24)   The Division 2 6.1 Update Patch Notes Detail Christmas Content, Hardcore Mode, And More (GameSpot)
05-12-19 (14:14)   Dreadlands is The Division meets XCOM and we're giving away beta codes! (PCGamesN.com)
05-12-19 (13:01)   The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 Includes Christmas-Themed Apparel Event, Hardcore Mode Beta (GamingBolt)
05-12-19 (01:39)   The Division 2 is getting santa hats, snowballs and permadeath (PC Gamer)
05-12-19 (00:55)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 gets a permadeath mode next week and ... snowballs? (Polygon)
04-12-19 (23:24)   The Division 2 Adding Santa Hats, Snowball-Shooting Gun, And Permadeath Mode (GameSpot)
04-12-19 (22:41)   Halo: Reach, The Division, and PES 2020 highlight Xbox Game Pass in December (Polygon)
04-12-19 (21:44)   Next In-Game Event for The Division 2 Announced (Hardcore Gamer)
04-12-19 (20:43)   The Division 2 patch notes: Holiday event and Hardcore Mode beta (GamesRadar)
04-12-19 (18:10)   Pathologic 2, The Division, My Friend Pedro, And More Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass This Month (GameSpot)
04-12-19 (17:15)   Overcooked! 2, PES 2020, The Division, and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Month (GamingBolt)
04-12-19 (17:10)   Xbox Game Pass gains Halo: Reach, The Division, My Friend Pedro, and more in December (Neowin.net)
04-12-19 (16:23)   The Division, My Friend Pedro, and More Come to Xbox Game Pass for Console This Month (DualShockers)
04-12-19 (15:06)   Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass For Console: Halo: Reach, The Division, And Many More (Major Nelson)
02-12-19 (15:29)   Win Cyber Monday with two games for 30 at Argos, including Assassin's Creed Origins, The Division 2, and loads more (GamesRadar)
02-12-19 (00:10)   Avatar Sequel Passes Milestone; New Game From The Division Devs Still Happening (GameSpot)
30-11-19 (23:29)   Get two games for 30 at Argos including Assassin's Creed Origins, The Division 2, and loads more (GamesRadar)
30-11-19 (11:14)   Get 80% off The Division 2 today only, making the Gold Ed just $15 (PCGamesN.com)
29-11-19 (01:43)   Get The Division 2 on PS4 and Xbox One for $11/15 this Black Friday (GamesRadar)
26-11-19 (14:14)   Rainbow Six Siege for $8 and The Division 2 for $21? It's not even Black Friday yet... (PCGamesN.com)
25-11-19 (20:07)   Darren Till declares himself top middleweight draw: 'I'm the money man in the division' (MMAjunkie.com)
29-10-19 (23:29)   The Division 2's Newest Update Makes It A Much Better Loot Game (Kotaku)
29-10-19 (23:06)   Vicente Luque: UFC 244 win over Stephen Thompson proves 'I belong in the top of the division' (MMA Fighting)
25-10-19 (22:52)   Ghost Recon Breakpoint Sales and Reception Were "Disappointing" (DualShockers)
25-10-19 (14:15)   Ubisoft Shares Drop Due to Poor Performance of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, The Division 2 (GamingBolt)
24-10-19 (21:44)   The Division 2 Performance Fell Below Ubisoft's Expectations (GamingBolt)
24-10-19 (20:44)   Ubisoft Reports 'Underperforming' Releases, Pushes Back Upcoming Titles (Hardcore Gamer)
24-10-19 (18:14)   I Deleted An Endless Service Game And I Am Finally Free, Like My Hard Drive (Kotaku)
24-10-19 (11:30)   The Division 2 - Technician Specialization Detailed in New Video (GamingBolt)
22-10-19 (19:55)   This Week's Xbox One Sale Includes Great Deals On The Division 2, Rainbow Six Siege (GameSpot)
17-10-19 (22:43)   The Division 2 is free to play through this Sunday to celebrate the big Episode 2 update (GamesRadar)
17-10-19 (18:06)   Free Play Days - Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Age Of Wonders: Planetfall, And Stellaris: Console Edition (Major Nelson)
17-10-19 (15:54)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Stellaris, and Age of Wonders: Planetfall are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend (On MSFT)
17-10-19 (06:44)   The Division 2 is Free to Play Till October 20th (GamingBolt)
16-10-19 (22:12)   The Division 2 is getting a free weekend amid Episode 2 update (Digital Trends)
16-10-19 (12:54)   The Division 2 celebrates massive Episode 2 updates with a free weekend (PC Gamer)
15-10-19 (22:29)   The Division 2: Episode 2 is out now alongside Title Update 6 (GamesRadar)
15-10-19 (19:32)   The Division 2 brings The Last Castle crashing down in today's story update (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-10-19 (04:01)   The Division 2 - Episode 2 DLC Trailer Outlines New Missions, Loot System Changes and More (GamingBolt)
15-10-19 (01:10)   13 Minutes Of The Division 2 Episode 2 Gameplay (GameSpot)
14-10-19 (20:43)   The extensive patch notes for The Division 2's big Title Update 6 have been posted by publisher (Kotaku)
12-10-19 (19:58)   Amazon Offering The Division 2 for $20 Ahead of New DLC (Hardcore Gamer)
10-10-19 (15:03)   The Division 2 takes the Pentagon down a peg in next week's story update (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
10-10-19 (11:09)   The Division 2: "Episode 2 - Pentagon: The Last Castle" detailed and dated! (TheXboxHub)
10-10-19 (07:15)   The Division 2 - "The Last Castle" DLC Set for October 15th (GamingBolt)
09-10-19 (22:24)   The Division 2's next update will have players fight through the Pentagon (Polygon)
09-10-19 (22:07)   Enter the Pentagon's Depths in The Division 2's Episode 2 Story Content Next Week (PlayStation LifeStyle)
09-10-19 (18:13)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Episode 2 - Pentagon: The Last Castle Release Date Revealed (Hardcore Gamer)
09-10-19 (16:14)   The Division 2's Next Free Expansion Sounds Like A Glass Half Something (Kotaku)
09-10-19 (16:10)   The Division 2 DLC Episode 2 Gets Release Date - GS News Update (GameSpot)
09-10-19 (16:08)   The Division 2's second episode arrives this month, but the new raid has been delayed (PC Gamer)
09-10-19 (16:05)   The Division 2's Largest Content Update Is Set To Launch October 15 (GameInformer.com)
08-10-19 (18:06)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is About to Get a Ton of New Content Later this Month (DualShockers)
05-10-19 (20:07)   The Division 2's User Inventory and Interface Getting Major Updates With Episode 2/Title Update 6 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-10-19 (16:00)   UK Daily Deals: Xbox One S with FIFA 20, Two Controllers, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and Gears 5 (IGN.com)
04-10-19 (05:29)   The Division 2 secret boss finally uncovered after staying hidden for over two months (GamesRadar)
03-10-19 (13:00)   Secret The Division 2 Boss That Was Hidden For Months Has Been Found (IGN.com)
03-10-19 (00:39)   A hidden boss in The Division 2 went undiscovered for more than two months (PC Gamer)
02-10-19 (23:14)   A Secret Boss Was Hidden In The Division 2 For Months, Until The Developers Teased It (Kotaku)
26-09-19 (20:20)   Jared Cannonier sees exodus of former middleweight contenders as rebirth of the division (MMA Fighting)
25-09-19 (18:07)   Lorenz Larkin hopes win over Andrey Koreshkov at Bellator 229 sends a statement to the division (MMAjunkie.com)
20-09-19 (20:43)   Despite The Haters, The Division 2's All-Women Gaming Group Is Going Strong (Kotaku)
12-09-19 (02:43)   The Division 2 Developers Promise Some Good Changes For October (Kotaku)
11-09-19 (23:43)   The Division 2 Episode 2 - Title Update 6 will revamp brand set bonuses and crafting this October (GamesRadar)
05-09-19 (00:00)   Ubisoft's Tom Clancy Is About To Compete With Ubisoft's Tom Clancy (Kotaku)
27-08-19 (17:09)   This week's Deals with Gold and Ubisoft Publisher Sale feature World War Z and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (On MSFT)
24-08-19 (22:39)   Assassin's Creed Odyssey, The Division 2 and Rainbow Six Siege all half price or better this weekend (PC Gamer)
23-08-19 (20:00)   The Division 2 Developers Challenge Players To Find Misspelled Police Car (Kotaku)
19-08-19 (18:43)   Ghost Recon Breakpoint developer counters comparisons to The Division (Digital Trends)
12-08-19 (23:43)   The Division 2 Devs Remove New Mode Weeks After Launch To Make It Better (Kotaku)
12-08-19 (18:43)   Grab a new Xbox One S with The Division 2 bundle for $229 and get Madden NFL 20 free (GamesRadar)
06-08-19 (23:06)   The Division Movie Director Gives an Update on the Film Adaptation (DualShockers)

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