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12-09-19 (02:43)   The Division 2 Developers Promise Some Good Changes For October (Kotaku)
11-09-19 (23:43)   The Division 2 Episode 2 - Title Update 6 will revamp brand set bonuses and crafting this October (GamesRadar)
05-09-19 (00:00)   Ubisoft's Tom Clancy Is About To Compete With Ubisoft's Tom Clancy (Kotaku)
27-08-19 (17:09)   This week's Deals with Gold and Ubisoft Publisher Sale feature World War Z and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (On MSFT)
24-08-19 (22:39)   Assassin's Creed Odyssey, The Division 2 and Rainbow Six Siege all half price or better this weekend (PC Gamer)
23-08-19 (20:00)   The Division 2 Developers Challenge Players To Find Misspelled Police Car (Kotaku)
19-08-19 (18:43)   Ghost Recon Breakpoint developer counters comparisons to The Division (Digital Trends)
12-08-19 (23:43)   The Division 2 Devs Remove New Mode Weeks After Launch To Make It Better (Kotaku)
12-08-19 (18:43)   Grab a new Xbox One S with The Division 2 bundle for $229 and get Madden NFL 20 free (GamesRadar)
06-08-19 (23:06)   The Division Movie Director Gives an Update on the Film Adaptation (DualShockers)
06-08-19 (19:07)   Director Confirms The Division Film Is Still Happening and Currently in 'Script Phase' (PlayStation LifeStyle)
06-08-19 (08:41)   The Division Movie Is Still Coming, Director Says--Here's The Latest (GameSpot)
01-08-19 (19:28)   Director David Leitch Provides an Update on His Adaptation of 'The Division' (Collider)
01-08-19 (19:00)   An Investigation Into Whether Two Statues In The Division 2 Appear To Be Having Sex (Kotaku)
31-07-19 (20:30)   The Division 2's Expeditions Now Available for All Players (GamingBolt)
30-07-19 (22:58)   Episode 1 DLC for The Division 2 is Available Now (Hardcore Gamer)
30-07-19 (15:12)   The Division movie director on how he's approaching the video game adaptation: "In terms of narrative, we'll have to stray from the games" (GamesRadar)
24-07-19 (20:00)   The Division 2's Big New Update Is As Promising As It Confusing (Kotaku)
24-07-19 (11:44)   12 Best Co-op Looters You Need To Play (GamingBolt)
24-07-19 (01:06)   Ex-MachineGames Developers Form New Studio that Targets Healthy Work-Life Balance (DualShockers)
23-07-19 (19:43)   The Division 2 DLC Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions Available Today (IGN.com)
23-07-19 (19:41)   The Division 2 - Episode 1: DC Outskirts (GameSpot)
23-07-19 (17:43)   The Division 2 patch notes: DLC Episode 1 brings new missions and Expeditions, Exotics, and big skill changes (GamesRadar)
23-07-19 (17:15)   The Division 2 - D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions Patch Notes Reveal Skill Buffs and Changes (GamingBolt)
23-07-19 (15:54)   The Division 2's first free episode is out now (PC Gamer)
23-07-19 (15:53)   The Division 2's Update 1.10 Gives Year 1 Pass Holders Access to Expeditions (PlayStation LifeStyle)
23-07-19 (11:30)   The Division 2 Guide: How to Complete The Operation Dark Hours Raid And Defeat All Bosses (GamingBolt)
23-07-19 (10:01)   The Division 2 - D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions Out Today for Year 1 Pass Holders (GamingBolt)
18-07-19 (13:15)   The Division 2 Is 2019's Best-Selling Game So Far (GamingBolt)
18-07-19 (01:24)   2019's Best-Selling Game So Far is Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
16-07-19 (17:24)   The 'Tom Clancy Umbrella' Allows Ubisoft to Explore Multiple Game Genres (PlayStation LifeStyle)
16-07-19 (11:43)   Cyberpunk 2077, The Division 2, and every PS4 game in the Amazon Prime Day sale (GamesRadar)
15-07-19 (19:55)   Amazon Prime Day 2019: The Division 2's Price Dropped Heavily (US) (GameSpot)
15-07-19 (17:05)   The Division 2 Fans Asked If They Want A Story-Driven Offshoot (GameInformer.com)
15-07-19 (14:41)   Amazon Prime Day 2019: The Division 2 Price Dropped Heavily (US) (GameSpot)
14-07-19 (23:52)   Director of The Division 2 Wants to Know if Fans Would Like a Single-Player, Narrative Focused Game (DualShockers)
14-07-19 (23:15)   The Division 2's Director Might Be Teasing A Single Player Spinoff (GamingBolt)
14-07-19 (21:26)   Get The Division 2 for only $20 during GameStop's Summer Sale (Digital Trends)
14-07-19 (18:43)   The Division 2 director wants to know if you'd like a single-player, story-driven spin-off (GamesRadar)
14-07-19 (18:07)   The Division 2's Creative Director Wants to Know Your Thoughts on a Single-Player Spin-Off (PlayStation LifeStyle)
14-07-19 (12:49)   Would you be interested in a "single-player narrative-driven" The Division 2 spin-off? (Eurogamer.net)
13-07-19 (19:39)   The Division 2 creative director asks fans if they're interested in a single-player spin-off (PC Gamer)
10-07-19 (22:41)   The Division 2 Finally Adding Raid Matchmaking (GameSpot)
10-07-19 (22:41)   The Division 2 DC Outskirts: Expeditions Release Dates, Raid Matchmaking Announced (GameSpot)
10-07-19 (21:35)   The Division 2's first free episode adds Expeditions, new missions later this month (Eurogamer.net)
10-07-19 (19:54)   The Division 2's first free episode adds two new missions and an 'Expeditions' mode (PC Gamer)
10-07-19 (19:38)   Explore Past D.C.'s City Limits With The Division 2's First DLC Episode Later This Month (PlayStation LifeStyle)
10-07-19 (19:25)   The Division 2 Gunner guide (PC Gamer)
10-07-19 (19:10)   The Division 2 free update brings new missions and a new mode called Expeditions (Polygon)
10-07-19 (18:58)   The Division 2's first big free DLC will add new missions, Exotics, and big skill changes this month (GamesRadar)
10-07-19 (17:44)   The Division 2's First DLC Episode Out on July 23rd for Year 1 Pass Holders (GamingBolt)
10-07-19 (17:10)   The Division 2 Is Finally Adding Matchmaking For Raids (GameSpot)
10-07-19 (17:05)   The Division 2's D.C. Outskirts Expeditions Begin July 23 (GameInformer.com)
10-07-19 (17:00)   The Division 2 Update Adds Raid Matchmaking (IGN.com)
09-07-19 (11:43)   Quick: get The Division 2 on PS4 for just $20, before it sells out! (GamesRadar)
07-07-19 (19:08)   The Division 2 still has secrets for players to discover (PC Gamer)
06-07-19 (17:05)   Fans Haven't Discovered All The Division 2's Secrets Yet (GameInformer.com)
05-07-19 (13:01)   The Division 2 Guide: How to Unlock The Gunner Specialization (GamingBolt)
03-07-19 (01:36)   The Division 2 PTS for Title Update 5: Episode 1 & Patch Notes Now Available (The Division Zone)
02-07-19 (19:43)   The Division 2 Is Testing Some Much-Requested Features (Kotaku)
01-07-19 (22:25)   Ubisoft's summer sale is live, including The Division 2 and Anno 1800 (PC Gamer)
28-06-19 (17:01)   The Division 2's First DLC Episode Hits PTR Next Week (GamingBolt)
28-06-19 (13:43)   UK Daily Deals: Amazon Prime Music for 99p, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (Digital) under 19 (IGN.com)
27-06-19 (13:39)   The Division 2's first free episode is heading to the public test server soon (PC Gamer)
25-06-19 (20:15)   The Division 2 Interview - What Lies Ahead For Ubisoft's Looter Shooter? (GamingBolt)
24-06-19 (22:21)   Twitch Prime: Get 4 Exclusive The Division 2 Outfits and a Mask (The Division Zone)
24-06-19 (22:14)   Apparent Division 2 Bug Gives You Ammo For Killing Animals (Kotaku)
23-06-19 (20:54)   Twitch Prime members get exclusive The Division 2 cosmetics, starting with baseball gear (PC Gamer)
20-06-19 (18:43)   How to unlock and use the Gunner specialization in The Division 2 (Digital Trends)
19-06-19 (00:24)   The Division 2 Update Out Now, Adds New Gunner Specialization (GameSpot)
18-06-19 (21:49)   The Division 2 puts big honking miniguns in players' hands today (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-06-19 (21:24)   The Division 2's new Gunner specialization is available now (Polygon)
18-06-19 (20:50)   The Division 2's Title Update 4 & New "Gunner" Specialization are Live (The Division Zone)
18-06-19 (19:48)   The Division 2 Adds The 'Gunner' Specialization In Today's Update (GameInformer.com)
18-06-19 (19:00)   The Division 2's Developers Have A Plan For Overcoming The Backlash (Kotaku)
18-06-19 (15:44)   The Division 2 Title Update 4 Now Live, Adds Gunner Specialization (GamingBolt)
18-06-19 (12:54)   The Division 2 adds the Gunner specialization in today's Title Update 4 (PC Gamer)
18-06-19 (03:10)   The Division 2 Developer's Response To Crunch, Player Feedback, And More (GameSpot)
18-06-19 (01:55)   The Division 2 Developer Response To Crunch, Player Feedback Is A Game-Changer (GameSpot)
17-06-19 (20:41)   The Division 2 Developers' Response To Crunch And Player Feedback Is A Game-Changer (GameSpot)
15-06-19 (16:06)   The Division 2's Post-Game Made Me Wish I Never Started the Game (DualShockers)
15-06-19 (02:20)   Free Play Days: Fallout 76, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, And LEGO DC Super-Villains (Major Nelson)
14-06-19 (00:39)   The Division 2 is free to play until June 17 (PC Gamer)
13-06-19 (10:39)   The Division 2 Free Weekend Announced, Full Game Available at Over 50 Percent Off (Gadgets 360)
12-06-19 (19:36)   State of the Game: Title Update 4 & Minigun are Coming Next Week (The Division Zone)
12-06-19 (18:07)   The Division 2's Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts Expeditions Explained (The Division Zone)
12-06-19 (15:45)   What Massive has learned making live content for The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
11-06-19 (22:21)   Tom Clancy's The Division Movie is Coming to Netflix (The Division Zone)
11-06-19 (20:50)   The Division 2's Year 1 "First Look" Trailer Reveals Details About Episodes, 2nd Raid and The Return to NYC (The Division Zone)
11-06-19 (19:24)   E3 2019: Ubisoft Explains The Division 2's New Expeditions Feature (GameSpot)
11-06-19 (18:05)   The Division movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain heading to Netflix (Looper)
11-06-19 (17:41)   E3 2019: The Division 2's New Expeditions Feature Explained (GameSpot)
11-06-19 (14:25)   Netflix to Release The Division Movie Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain (Gadgets 360)
11-06-19 (02:53)   Ubisoft: The Division Netflix film with Gyllenhaal and Chastain; Apple game comedy from Always Sunny alums (Syfy Wire)
11-06-19 (01:11)   Here's everything we know about The Division movie for Netflix - CNET (C-Net News.com)
11-06-19 (00:41)   The Division 2 is going back to New York with its DLC, coming this summer (Neowin.net)
11-06-19 (00:23)   The Division 2 Gets First Year Content Detailed, Goes Free for 3 Days (DualShockers)
11-06-19 (00:01)   The Division 2 Year 1 Episodes Revealed, New Raid Coming in Fall (GamingBolt)
10-06-19 (23:58)   The Division 2 Episodes 1-3 detailed ahead of free weekend (GamesRadar)
10-06-19 (23:58)   'The Division 2' takes players back to New York in its upcoming DLC (Engadget)
10-06-19 (23:54)   The Division 2 is getting a Netflix movie adaptation (PC Gamer)
10-06-19 (23:54)   The Division 2 will take players back to Manhattan next year (PC Gamer)
10-06-19 (23:41)   The Division 2 Full Presentation | Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2019 (GameSpot)
10-06-19 (23:41)   E3 2019: The Division 2 Will Be Free For A Limited-Time This Week (GameSpot)
10-06-19 (23:34)   The Division 2 Goes Outside D.C. In Its Upcoming DLC Episodes (GameInformer.com)
10-06-19 (23:34)   Netflix snags Ubisoft's 'Tom Clancy's The Division' adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain (TechCrunch)
10-06-19 (23:33)   Netflix Acquires Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain's 'The Division' (Hollywood Reporter)
10-06-19 (23:29)   The Division movie, starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal, is headed to Netflix (GamesRadar)
10-06-19 (23:29)   The Division 2's Year 1 Expansion Road Map Detailed (IGN.com)
10-06-19 (23:29)   Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is a mobile RPG with characters from Splinter Cell, The Division, and more (GamesRadar)
10-06-19 (23:27)   'Elite Squad' pulls together a Tom Clancy dream team on mobile (Engadget)
10-06-19 (23:27)   'Tom Clancy's The Division' movie is coming to Netflix (Engadget)
10-06-19 (23:24)   E3 2019: The Division Movie Coming To Netflix (GameSpot)
10-06-19 (23:24)   'The Division 2' Will Have a Free Weekend Ahead of Major Content Update (Variety)
10-06-19 (23:24)   The Division 2 goes back to New York for a manhunt (Polygon)
10-06-19 (23:24)   The Division movie is headed to Netflix with Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal (Polygon)
10-06-19 (23:20)   The Division movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal is now coming to Netflix (TheVerge)
10-06-19 (23:19)   The Division Movie Is Being Made In Partnership With Netflix (GameInformer.com)
10-06-19 (23:14)   The Division Movie Is Being Made With Netflix (IGN.com)
10-06-19 (23:14)   The Division 2 Is Going Back To New York City (Kotaku)
10-06-19 (23:10)   E3 2019: The Division 2 Year-One Roadmap Goes Back To New York (GameSpot)
10-06-19 (23:10)   The Division 2 Episode 3 Trailer | Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2019 (GameSpot)
10-06-19 (23:10)   Ubisoft reveals details on Episode 1 and 2 of The Division 2's post-launch plans (Polygon)
10-06-19 (23:10)   Netflix Buys 'Tom Clancy's The Division' Starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal (Variety)
10-06-19 (22:59)   Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Chastain Action Movie 'The Division' Lands at Netflix (Collider)
10-06-19 (20:10)   Watch Ubisoft's E3 2019 Press Conference Right Here (Variety)
08-06-19 (23:07)   State of the Game: Title Update 4 & New "Gunner" Specialization on PTS (The Division Zone)
08-06-19 (19:25)   The Division 2 is half price on the Epic Games Store until Thursday (PC Gamer)
07-06-19 (16:10)   The Division 2 Devs' Response To Crunch And Player Feedback Is A Game-Changer (GameSpot)
07-06-19 (15:44)   Limited Time Sale for The Division 2 Starts Today (Hardcore Gamer)
07-06-19 (15:29)   The Division 2 is 40% off right now in the Ubisoft Store (GamesRadar)
07-06-19 (15:23)   The Division 2 Will Be on Sale for 40% Off Throughout Most of June (DualShockers)
07-06-19 (15:10)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is currently on sale for up to 40% off (Polygon)
06-06-19 (20:26)   Google Stadia launch games include The Division 2, Destiny 2, Elder Scrolls MMO (Digital Trends)
06-06-19 (18:23)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Confirmed For Stadia Launch (DualShockers)
06-06-19 (12:15)   The Division 2 - Title Update 4 PTS is Live, Signature Ammo and Specialization Changes Inbound (GamingBolt)
03-06-19 (19:55)   The Division 2 introduces a new 'gunner' specialization (Polygon)
03-06-19 (18:54)   The Division 2's next Specialization is the minigun-toting Gunner (PC Gamer)
03-06-19 (16:15)   The Division 2 Title Update 3.1 Now Available, Fixes Armor Exploit and Restores "Loot All As Junk" (GamingBolt)
03-06-19 (13:25)   The Division 2's latest patch fixes an absurd armor exploit (PC Gamer)
02-06-19 (03:20)   Jon Jones praises Alexander Gustafsson after retirement announcement: 'You held the division to a standard and made us better' (MMA Fighting)
31-05-19 (00:14)   Mordhau Player Critically Panned (Kotaku)
30-05-19 (18:43)   The Division 2 Replaced A Mystery With An Anticlimax (Kotaku)
29-05-19 (23:23)   Ubisoft Details E3 2019 Lineup and Teases Some Surprises (DualShockers)
29-05-19 (19:01)   Ubisoft E3 2019 Line-Up Includes The Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and More (GamingBolt)
27-05-19 (00:21)   State of the Game: World-First Raid Teams, Record Time at 16m 30s, Difficulty Rumors & What's Next? (The Division Zone)
26-05-19 (02:21)   State of the Game: World-First Raid Teams, Record Time at 16 Minutes, Difficulty Rumors & What's Next? (The Division Zone)
24-05-19 (09:01)   The Division 2 Update 3.1 Will Fix NPC Rushing Behavior (GamingBolt)
23-05-19 (20:34)   The Division 2's Raid Difficulty Is Not Going To Be Tweaked (GameInformer.com)
23-05-19 (19:14)   The Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Will Not Have Its Difficulty Adjusted (IGN.com)
23-05-19 (12:30)   The Division 2 - Dark Hours Raid Difficulty Currently Not Planned to Change (GamingBolt)
22-05-19 (20:29)   No nerfs planned for The Division 2's first raid, but some AI bug fixes may make it easier (GamesRadar)
22-05-19 (17:55)   Ubisoft examining tweaks for The Division 2 raid (Polygon)
21-05-19 (21:10)   Ubisoft to Discuss 'The Division 2' Plans Wednesday (Variety)
21-05-19 (17:19)   The Division 2's Raid Took Console Players Three Days To Beat (GameInformer.com)
21-05-19 (10:43)   The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide (IGN.com)
21-05-19 (01:29)   Ubisoft Open to Adjusting The Division 2 Raid Difficulty (IGN.com)
20-05-19 (21:05)   The Division 2's Raid Took Console Players 3 Days To Beat (GameInformer.com)
20-05-19 (17:20)   Ubisoft considering The Division 2 raid difficulty tweaks (Eurogamer.net)
20-05-19 (13:32)   The Division 2 best builds - Nemesis PVP build, LMG PVE build (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
20-05-19 (13:32)   The Division 2 Exotic weapons locations - Nemesis Exotic Rifle, Hyena Key locations (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
20-05-19 (11:49)   The Division 2 weapons/guns - damage stats, The Division 2 best weapons, Exotic weapons list (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
19-05-19 (22:10)   The Division 2's first raid is impossible for console players, apparently (update) (Polygon)
19-05-19 (15:29)   Console Players Can't Beat The Division 2's Raid [Update: They've Done It!] (Kotaku)
19-05-19 (15:00)   Console Players Finally Beat The Division 2's Raid (Kotaku)
18-05-19 (15:06)   Console players have yet to defeat The Division 2's first raid - and now the community wants Ubisoft to step in (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (00:12)   The Division 2's first raid was cleared in 5 hours, but many players are struggling to play it without matchmaking (GamesRadar)
17-05-19 (14:54)   The Division 2's first raid was defeated in 5 hours (PC Gamer)
17-05-19 (13:01)   The Division 2's First Raid Doesn't Have Matchmaking Because It "Requires Great Teamwork" (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (12:01)   The Division 2 - Operation Dark Hours Raid is Live (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (00:29)   Division 2 Players Beat Game's First Raid In Five Grueling Hours (Kotaku)
16-05-19 (19:59)   Ubisoft: The Division 2 missed sales goals on consoles due to crowded market (Gamasutra)
16-05-19 (19:28)   Ubisoft CFO: The Division 2 fell short of sales goals on consoles due to crowded market (Gamasutra)
16-05-19 (18:39)   The Division 2's first raid, Operation Dark Hours, is now live-without matchmaking (PC Gamer)
16-05-19 (10:44)   The Division 2 - Uplay Sales Increase Ten-Fold Over First Game (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (10:44)   Uplay boost fails to prevent The Division 2 missing sales targets (GamesIndusty.biz)
16-05-19 (02:10)   The Division 2 Sales Fail To Meet Ubisoft's Targets On PS4 And Xbox One (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (01:55)   After Skipping Steam, The Division 2 Sees Uplay Sales Grow 10X Over Original (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (01:08)   The Division 2 sold 10 times as many copies on Uplay as the first game (PC Gamer)
15-05-19 (23:41)   The Division 2's Operation Dark Hours Has Exclusive Rewards, But Not Matchmaking - GS News Update (GameSpot)
15-05-19 (22:24)   The Division 2's First Raid Launches Tomorrow, But It Won't Have Matchmaking (GameSpot)
15-05-19 (20:10)   The Division 2 Title Update 3 Patch Notes Revealed; First Raid Launching Tomorrow (GameSpot)
15-05-19 (19:48)   Rainbow Six Siege Rakes In A Billion Dollars, The Division 2 Fails To Meet Sales Expectations On Consoles (GameInformer.com)
15-05-19 (19:41)   How to prepare for The Division 2's first raid, Operation Dark Hours (Polygon)
15-05-19 (18:29)   The Division 2's First Raid Won't Have Matchmaking, Even Though Ubisoft Implied It Would (Kotaku)
15-05-19 (17:48)   There Is No Matchmaking For The Division 2's New Raid (GameInformer.com)
15-05-19 (16:30)   The Division 2's First Raid Won't Have Matchmaking (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (15:06)   Days Gone, The Division 2 and Anthem drop to their lowest prices so far (Eurogamer.net)
15-05-19 (12:29)   The Division 2 Raid Will Not Have Matchmaking (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (11:32)   The Division 2 launches first 8-player raid May 16th (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-05-19 (00:43)   The Division 2 Adds Two Short Missions For People Who Don't Play For The Loot Grind (Kotaku)
14-05-19 (22:21)   Operation Dark Hours: 8-Player Raid Releases May 16th; Race to World First, Exclusive Gear and Apparel Event (The Division Zone)
14-05-19 (19:07)   The Division 2 Title Update 3.0 is Live, Including Classified Assignments & Post Mission Activity Summaries (The Division Zone)
14-05-19 (18:58)   The Division 2's 8-Player Raid Drops May 16 (Hardcore Gamer)
14-05-19 (18:10)   The Division 2's newest patch sets the stage for the first raid (Polygon)
14-05-19 (17:08)   The Division 2's first 8-player raid arrives this week (PC Gamer)
14-05-19 (17:07)   Get read for Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Operation Dark Hours 8-player raid (Gaming Age Online)
14-05-19 (17:01)   The Division 2 Title Update 3 Now Available, Operation Dark Hours Dated (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (16:10)   The Division 2 Will Reward Whoever Completes Its New Raid First (GameSpot)
14-05-19 (16:05)   The Division 2's First Raid Begins This Thursday (GameInformer.com)
14-05-19 (12:54)   Get an AMD Vega 56 for a bargain price of 236, and two free games including The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
12-05-19 (20:29)   Daily Deals: Kingdom Hearts III and Anthem for $29.99 Each, 25% off The Division 2 (IGN.com)
09-05-19 (16:14)   Ubisoft Cancels Plans to Increase the Division 2's Gear Score Cap (IGN.com)
09-05-19 (15:44)   The Division 2's Next Update Won't Raise Gear Score (GamingBolt)
09-05-19 (02:25)   Ubisoft walks back plans to introduce higher level The Division 2 gear with next update (PC Gamer)
09-05-19 (00:24)   The Division 2's New Loot Changes Canceled Thanks To "Loud And Clear" Feedback (GameSpot)
09-05-19 (00:10)   The Division 2's New Loot Changes Cancelled Thanks To "Loud And Clear" Feedback (GameSpot)
08-05-19 (23:14)   I Like It When The Numbers Get Big (Kotaku)
08-05-19 (23:07)   State of the Game: Title Update 3 is Coming Next Week; No Gear Score Increase & More Rewarding Loot (The Division Zone)
08-05-19 (21:14)   The Division 2's Developers Walk Back Planned Loot Change That Inflamed Fanbase (Kotaku)
08-05-19 (16:25)   The Division 2's best exotics and how you get them (PC Gamer)
08-05-19 (01:35)   Bethe Correia says fans were 'begging' her to come back: 'The division needs me' (MMA Fighting)
01-05-19 (23:50)   The Division 2: Maintenance 2/5; Bugfix for Henry Hayes Blocker (The Division Zone)
01-05-19 (06:49)   Tom Clancy's Franchise Bundle And The Division Franchise Bundle Are Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
01-05-19 (05:12)   Ubisoft rep hints at a new exotic assault rifle coming to The Division 2 (GamesRadar)
28-04-19 (19:25)   The Division 2 test patch adds more Dark Zone loot and increases PvP 'time to kill' (PC Gamer)
28-04-19 (17:07)   The Division 2 Title Update 3.0: PTS Phase 2 Started; Sneak Peek at Post-Mission Stats & 3 New Gear Sets (The Division Zone)
27-04-19 (21:14)   Real-Life Crappy Military Gear Inspired The Division 2's Weird Item Descriptions Found On Starting Gear (Kotaku)
27-04-19 (19:34)   'The Division 2' is the brain-dead, antipolitical, gun-mongering vigilante simulator we deserve (TechCrunch)
25-04-19 (22:01)   The Division 2 - Massive Testing Gear Score Drop Changes (GamingBolt)
25-04-19 (11:39)   How to get the Nemesis exotic rifle in The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
25-04-19 (03:44)   NPD Group: The Division 2 Dominates March Sales Charts (Hardcore Gamer)
24-04-19 (03:23)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and Nintendo Switch Dominate March NPD Charts (DualShockers)
24-04-19 (02:15)   The Division 2 Was The Bestselling Game In March - NPD Group (GamingBolt)
24-04-19 (01:29)   The Division 2 the Best-Selling Game of March 2019 (IGN.com)
24-04-19 (00:34)   The Division 2 And Sekiro Lead March Game Sales With Switch Leading Console Units (GameInformer.com)
23-04-19 (19:23)   World War Z Shambles to the Top of the UK Sales Chart in First Week of Availability (DualShockers)
19-04-19 (16:41)   The first 'Division 2' eight-person raid is delayed until May (Engadget)
19-04-19 (02:01)   The Division 2's PvP Will See Big Changes Soon (GamingBolt)
18-04-19 (19:10)   The Division 2's First Raid Delayed, But You Can Test The Game's Next Update On PC Right Now (GameSpot)
18-04-19 (02:55)   The Division 2's Next Update Delayed, But You Can Test It On PC Right Now (GameSpot)
18-04-19 (01:01)   The Division 2's Next Update and Raid Have Been Delayed for Testing and Balancing (GamingBolt)
17-04-19 (22:49)   The Division 2 launches Public Test Server and delays raid until May (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-04-19 (21:41)   'The Division 2's' First Raid Pushed Back to May (Variety)
17-04-19 (21:12)   The Division 2's first raid delayed to May to make room for a "large amount of balance changes" (GamesRadar)
17-04-19 (19:55)   The Division 2's first raid has been pushed back to May (Polygon)
17-04-19 (19:08)   The Division 2 raid's release date has been delayed: here's everything we know (PC Gamer)
17-04-19 (18:29)   The Division 2's first raid is being delayed from April 25 to some time in May as Ubisoft is emb (Kotaku)
17-04-19 (16:15)   The Division 2's Latest Update Fixes a Number of Minor Issues (GamingBolt)
16-04-19 (21:00)   The Division 2: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
16-04-19 (19:25)   How to get the Liberty exotic pistol in The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
16-04-19 (11:01)   The Division 2 Reigns for Second Week in UK Sales Charts (GamingBolt)
16-04-19 (04:36)   The Division 2: Maintenance 16/4; Patch v2.1 Release & Changelog (The Division Zone)
16-04-19 (00:30)   UK Charts: The Division 2 holds No. 1 in another week without big releases (GamesIndusty.biz)
15-04-19 (18:55)   Top 10 UK Games Chart: The Division 2 Keeps On Selling (GameSpot)
15-04-19 (15:25)   The Division 2 update plans target PC performance (PC Gamer)
15-04-19 (03:14)   How to Get All 12 Hunter Masks in The Division 2 (IGN.com)
14-04-19 (18:43)   My Journey To Photograph All The Wildlife In The Division 2 (Kotaku)
14-04-19 (18:36)   Paulo Costa mocks 'fake' champ Israel Adesanya: The division has 'been better than this (expletive)' (MMAjunkie.com)
14-04-19 (02:50)   State of the Game: Known Issues, Patch v2.1 Preview and Public Test Server for Title Update 3.0 (The Division Zone)
13-04-19 (22:00)   The Division 2 Strongholds Guide (IGN.com)
13-04-19 (00:32)   The owls are watching in The Division 2 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
12-04-19 (18:14)   Ubisoft Removes Slur From Artwork In The Division 2 (Kotaku)
12-04-19 (18:08)   How to get the Pestilence exotic LMG in The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
12-04-19 (17:10)   Ubisoft apologizes for homophobic slur in The Division 2's street art (Polygon)
12-04-19 (05:29)   The Division 2 Tidal Basin Stronghold Guide (IGN.com)
12-04-19 (03:49)   Ubisoft apologises for homophobic slur found on multi-storey street art in The Division 2 (Eurogamer.net)
12-04-19 (00:01)   Ubisoft removes slur from The Division 2 (GamesIndusty.biz)
11-04-19 (23:45)   Ubisoft patches art containing homophobic slur out of The Division 2 (Gamasutra)
11-04-19 (21:25)   Ubisoft apologizes for homophobic slur in The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
11-04-19 (15:08)   The Division 2's low-level mods are better than than endgame loot (PC Gamer)
11-04-19 (12:44)   The Division 2 Patch Fixes Signature Ammo Scarcity (GamingBolt)
11-04-19 (12:01)   The Division 2's Next Update Will Have Public Test Server (GamingBolt)
11-04-19 (00:25)   The Division 2 is getting a public test server (PC Gamer)
10-04-19 (20:44)   The Division 2 Guide - How To Quickly Reach A Gear Score of 500 (GamingBolt)
10-04-19 (19:34)   Specialization Ammo Scarcity Fix Coming To The Division 2 Soon (GameInformer.com)
10-04-19 (16:25)   The Division 2 gear sets guide: how to get True Patriot, Hard Wired and Ongoing Directive (PC Gamer)
10-04-19 (16:23)   The Division 2 and MLB The Show 19 Top Digital Download Chart for March on PlayStation Store (DualShockers)
10-04-19 (05:06)   SNL Makes Jokes About The Division 2 and VR in Its New Video Game Sketch (DualShockers)
09-04-19 (23:12)   The Division 2 players are farming for low-level mods that are better than their endgame stuff (GamesRadar)
09-04-19 (18:32)   The Division 2 Tidal Basin update - full patch notes, Tidal Basin Stronghold, World Tier 5 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
09-04-19 (17:24)   The Division 2's Latest Patch Adds Higher World Tier, Heroic Difficulty, And More (GameSpot)
09-04-19 (17:23)   Ubisoft's Anno 1800 Will be Made Unavailable on Steam After Launch Day Due to Exclusivity Deal (DualShockers)
09-04-19 (12:39)   SNL pokes fun at The Division 2 (and chatty NPCs), Ubisoft responds (PC Gamer)
09-04-19 (07:00)   The Division 2: How to Unlock World Tier 5 (IGN.com)
08-04-19 (21:41)   'Division 2' Disables Daily and Weekly Projects Until Further Notice (Variety)
08-04-19 (21:41)   The Division 2 guide: How to upgrade Exotics (Polygon)
08-04-19 (21:29)   PS4 Deals: Save on The Division 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and More (IGN.com)
08-04-19 (19:43)   How to Find The Division 2's Assassin's Creed Easter Egg (IGN.com)
08-04-19 (19:15)   The Division 2's Lack of Signature Ammo Currently Being Investigated (GamingBolt)
08-04-19 (17:52)   The Division 2 Returns to the Top Spot on Weekly UK Sales Chart (DualShockers)
08-04-19 (16:58)   The Division 2's found footage shows just how barbaric post-apocalyptic Washington is (GamesRadar)
08-04-19 (16:39)   The Division 2 endgame and World Tier 5 guide: what to do when you reach level 30 (PC Gamer)
08-04-19 (15:41)   Top 10 UK Games Chart: The Division 2 Back At No.1 As Sekiro And Yoshi Fall (GameSpot)
08-04-19 (15:25)   The Division 2's daily and weekly projects have been disabled (PC Gamer)
08-04-19 (14:03)   The Division 2 temporarily disables daily and weekly Projects (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
08-04-19 (13:10)   Top 10 UK Games Chart: The Division 2 Is Back On Top As Sekiro And Yoshi Drop (GameSpot)
08-04-19 (12:15)   The Division 2 Is Back On Top In UK Sales Charts (GamingBolt)
08-04-19 (10:30)   UK Charts: The Division 2 retakes No.1 in quiet week (GamesIndusty.biz)
07-04-19 (20:41)   The Division 2's White House staff won't bother you so much after the latest patch (Polygon)
07-04-19 (20:14)   The Poor Life Of The Division 2's Drone Controller (Kotaku)
07-04-19 (18:35)   Ubisoft investigates reports signature ammo isn't dropping in The Division 2 (Eurogamer.net)
07-04-19 (18:21)   The Division 2: Daily & Weekly Projects Disabled Due to Rewards Exploit (The Division Zone)
07-04-19 (17:29)   The Division 2 players are having trouble finding signature weapon ammo after the latest patch (GamesRadar)
07-04-19 (16:25)   The Division 2 players can't find signature weapons ammo, Ubisoft investigating (PC Gamer)
07-04-19 (03:21)   The Division 2 Apparel Event #1: Invasion incl. Masks, Skins & Emotes (The Division Zone)
06-04-19 (21:07)   The Division 2 "Invasion: Battle for D.C." ft. World Tier 5, Tidal Basin, Gear Sets, Exotics, Raid & Much More (The Division Zone)
06-04-19 (00:24)   The Division 2's Big Tidal Basin Update Out Now (GameSpot)
06-04-19 (00:14)   Ubisoft Just Made A Lot Of Notable Changes To The Division 2 (Kotaku)
06-04-19 (00:10)   The Division 2's First Raid Releases Later This Month (GameSpot)
05-04-19 (21:37)   Next Assassin's Creed Game Will Seemingly Involve Vikings as Seen from Poster in The Division 2 (DualShockers)
05-04-19 (20:49)   Newly discovered The Division 2 easter egg points to Viking-themed next Assassin's Creed (Eurogamer.net)
05-04-19 (20:14)   The Division 2 Easter Egg May Tease a Vikings Assassin's Creed (IGN.com)
05-04-19 (20:12)   The next Assassin's Creed could star Vikings, and The Division 2 is teasing it (Digital Trends)
05-04-19 (20:08)   How to get printer filaments in The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
05-04-19 (19:55)   The Division 2 Gets First Raid Soon, New Difficulty Mode And World Tier Out Now - GS News Update (GameSpot)
05-04-19 (19:39)   The Division 2's Tidal Basin update makes a great looter shooter even better (PC Gamer)
05-04-19 (18:44)   The Division 2 Easter Egg Hints At Norse Setting For Next Assassin's Creed Game (GamingBolt)
05-04-19 (18:43)   Odd Tease In The Division 2 Spills The Beans On The Next Assassin's Creed (Kotaku)
05-04-19 (18:13)   The Division 2's Tidal Basin Update Drops Today, Adds new Content for Free (Hardcore Gamer)
05-04-19 (17:41)   The Division 2 Servers Back Online, Big Update Out Now (GameSpot)
05-04-19 (08:44)   The Division 2's First Raid Arrives on April 25th (GamingBolt)
05-04-19 (04:24)   The Division 2 Adding New Difficulty Mode And World Tier Soon; First Raid Gets A Release Date (GameSpot)
05-04-19 (03:14)   The Division 2's Secrets Were Developed In Secret, Even In The Studio (Kotaku)
05-04-19 (02:55)   The Division 2 Servers Going Down For 3 Hours, Here's Exactly When (GameSpot)
05-04-19 (00:43)   The Division 2 Tidal Basin DLC features the game's first 8-player raid (Digital Trends)
04-04-19 (23:43)   The Division 2's first apparel event will add collectible masks and special weapon skins (GamesRadar)
04-04-19 (23:32)   The Division 2 starts a month of April incursions tomorrow (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
04-04-19 (22:25)   The Division 2 update Invasion: Battle for DC goes live tomorrow with Tidal Basin (PC Gamer)
04-04-19 (21:29)   The Division 2's first raid is coming this month and the fourth specialization is close behind (GamesRadar)
04-04-19 (20:24)   The Division 2's first raid launches April 25 (Polygon)
04-04-19 (19:43)   The Division 2's Major Tidal Basin Update Drops Tomorrow, Here's What It Includes (IGN.com)
04-04-19 (14:08)   Free copy of The Division 2 with this cheap 500GB Samsung EVO 860 SSD today (PC Gamer)
04-04-19 (10:44)   The Division 2 - Invasion: Battle for DC, First Apparel Event Goes Live Tomorrow (GamingBolt)
03-04-19 (22:55)   The Division 2 players are stumped by a secret bunker with ties to Britain and the CIA (Polygon)
03-04-19 (20:55)   The Division 2 Tidal Basin Update Coming April 5 (GameSpot)
03-04-19 (20:24)   The Division 2 has a lot to say, but it's very hard to hear over all the gunfire (Polygon)
03-04-19 (19:10)   The Division 2's latest patch improves weapon and skill mods (Polygon)
03-04-19 (02:10)   The Division 2 Review - National Treasure (GameSpot)
01-04-19 (23:43)   Division 2 Player Gets Rocket Haircut (Kotaku)
01-04-19 (19:39)   How to get the exotic shotgun Sweet Dreams in The Division 2 (PC Gamer)
01-04-19 (18:01)   The Division 2's First Raid Receives New Info On Objectives, Mechanics, and More Through Datamining (GamingBolt)
01-04-19 (15:30)   The Division 2 - Easter Eggs and Secrets You Might Have Missed (GamingBolt)
01-04-19 (11:44)   Yoshi's Crafted World Takes Top Spot In Latest UK Charts (GamingBolt)
01-04-19 (02:24)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Review - Divide And Conquer (GameSpot)
31-03-19 (18:43)   The Division 2 Needs More Quarantine Zones (Kotaku)
30-03-19 (22:43)   Division 2 Players Really Want Some Flashlights (Kotaku)
30-03-19 (21:43)   The Division 2 promised big strides in accessibility. But did it deliver? (Digital Trends)
30-03-19 (20:05)   The Division 2's Level Design Is Its Secret Weapon (GameInformer.com)
30-03-19 (18:54)   The Division 2 in-game posters hint at return to New York City (PC Gamer)
30-03-19 (15:06)   The Rise of the Loot Shooter Has Made Me Much Less Excited for Borderlands 3 (DualShockers)
30-03-19 (02:16)   The Best Skills to Unlock in The Division 2 (TVOvermind)
29-03-19 (17:54)   Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Review (TheXboxHub)
29-03-19 (17:43)   Buy the Xbox One S/The Division 2 bundle at Target and get a free $50 gift card (Digital Trends)
29-03-19 (17:29)   The best thing about The Division 2's world is realising you're not the only one working to save it (GamesRadar)
28-03-19 (21:43)   The Division 2's Wild Puzzles Stump Players, But One Of Them Turns Out To Be Bugged (Kotaku)
28-03-19 (19:14)   The Division 2: How to Get the Chatterbox and Other Exotic Weapons (IGN.com)
28-03-19 (18:18)   The Division 2 Endgame - World Tier guide, Black Tusk and World Tiers explained (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
28-03-19 (16:18)   The Division 2 status effects - burn, bleed, disrupt, shock explained (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
28-03-19 (15:54)   The Division 2 Masks locations and Hunters guide (PC Gamer)

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